live music venues

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    live music venues

    Can anyone recommend any live music venues other than
    the well-known? I want to introduce a friend to HK live music (real music, preferably original), the kind you might find at a pub in London for instance. I have been told
    that Soho East/Taikoo areas may have such places but as yet I haven't

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    There are NO specific live music venues in HK (yes yes world city but not entertainment wise...)

    Occasional Fridays and Saturdays:
    Fringe Club (2 Lower Albert Rd) with live bands playing, sometimes original, sometimes covers, one night a month is jazz orchestra.
    $80 upwards door entry

    The Underground ( - original live music event held in bars around town - join their mailing list to find out all the original live music events held in HK. Also has live reviews of local bands so to help newcomers decide which bands to check out.
    Underground events are $40 door entry.

    The Wanch (54 Jaffe Rd) has reopened and has cover bands playing Fri/Sat nights with the occasional original thrown in. The Wanch is a pub - free entry.

    Hope that helps!