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LOL old thread or not - THE CONCERT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!!! omg! Kanye.....ye...i started crying! yes..i will admit it.....
the freestyle was awesome!
his set was intense! Pharrell's moves wre INSANE and Teriyaki boyz and Nigo - ive found a new found love!
we were front and centre - did not jump over tho since we had a feeling they were gona clear the crowd after NERD...as much as i wanted to bump n grind with pharrell.....LOL

and surprise of the night? Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen??! hahha

FANTASTIC! i have no words!
i was mostly anticipating teriyaki boyz but the rest of the night was definitely amazing as well. shafin i didn't see you! i was front and center too...well the second row. actually it was more like..teriyaki boyz, 7th row, nerd 5th row..kanye 3/4th row and then i stepped to the very back..and then the very end i was 2nd row....haha, it would've been good to see you and say hi!