Xmas eve dinner plans

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    Xmas eve dinner plans


    I will be in HK this Xmas to visit friends and to meet the gf's parents. That being said, I have no idea where to go for Xmas eve dinner. She is expecting me to make reservations somewhere. I expect to be gouged as I did have a new year's eve dinner 2 years ago in hk. That was based on some article I saw in "been lay" magazine's incerpt about places to eat. Needless to say, that was not a good experience. I'd like to pick a place that still would have reservations at this point and not too too expensive i.e. not over $1k hkd a person excluding wine.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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    Hi there. Go pick up this really nicely designed "m.a.x. x'mas [new shades of christmas cuisine" packet from one of the m.a.x. restaurants. I picked one up from the Cafe Landmark. The packet contains postcards with ALL the Christmas/ New Years Eve/Day dinners and lunches of ALL the m.a.x. restaurants which include western, chinese, japanese, thai and vietnamese. The prices run from $1xx to $1xxx. There are even nice pictures.

    I personally think the Cafe Landmark's X'mas Eve Dinner is not bad- $445 per person if you book it in advance. (Yes, there are pre-booked prices. But who wouldn't book these dinners in advance?) Or the $1557 for 2 dinner at Kiku, which is a Japanese restaurant also in Landmark. Plus drinks and wine it should fit your budget.

    Good luck!