st to share something..

my kids are big fans of steve irwin, jeff corwin and so.. i was just so-so but still sad for irwin's gone. I had a little fear of snakes and spiders but the innocent kids just like so fancy..

last year i heard of a reptile man in hong kong called Toni, told by my eldest kid's classmate, giving presentations like the animal planet hosts.. He's an animal expert and conservationist. i thought thats just crazy but interesting. finally i let my kids join his wildlife workshop.

Totally unique experience with live snakes, lizards, spider etc. Lots of fun, and education too. I couldn't imagine my kids could hold a python... and me either.. i was so scared of such creatures but now learnt alot and have a new concept of em. There are not only creepy crawlers but also some cute mammals

here's the website: Animal Edutainment

It's one of the most remarkable presentation for me. hands-on, fun and educational. Absolute ace for kids, and also for adults.