Venue for a party, with a good deal!

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    Venue for a party, with a good deal!

    Hey Everyone!

    I'm a newbie here, it seems like a really helpful site

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on where to hold a party. I'm not looking for anything too big or expensive. I wanna organise a get together of maybe 20-30 people, and looking for a good deal at bars or clubs. I was thinking deals such as discounted drinks for the night or perhaps something like $200 per head for open bar at certain hours etc. Maybe lankwai, soho..

    If anyone knows of any good deals, I'd be grateful for the info! Thanks in advance!

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    Pretty much all the bars will be willing to deal with you if its on a weekday. If its on a weekend, earlier in the evening is possible ...

    Just find a good venue which you think is suitable and talk to the manager.

    What sort of venue do you want? Just drinks? DJ or live music later in the night? Posh and Trendy?

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    Wow thanks for the quick reply!

    I'm planning to have it on a saturday night.. I know that'll be pretty difficult though. Not too posh, something just cosy and hip - don't want anything too grungy either!

    I'm thinking a DJ playing would be easier and also cheaper than a live band. Honestly, I'm not too fussed about that, just want somewhere to have a get together with a good deal so that people don't just come for one drink then leave!

    I was gonna go around and talk to managers at a few places, but i was just wondering if anyone could give me a heads up first, if you've been to a party with a good deal in the past.

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    searching for something similar as you bro! for a birthday party... do share if you happen to get any good info/places or deals
    cheers bud

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    hey sp1key!

    not sure if this is too late for you, but i did manage to find some good deals. xperience in wanchai gives a good open bar deal for about $180 per head, club mod in central gives a 5 hour open bar deal for $250, dv8 in wanchai also had an open bar deal depending on how many guests there were. they also have a discounted drinks deal as an alternative and u pay as u go.