difference between xbox 360 and 360 elite

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    Question difference between xbox 360 and 360 elite

    hi everyone,

    i am planning to get a friend an xbox for his birthday but i am not sure which one is the best. 360 elite costs more, so i am wondering if the regular one is still okay to buy. i know too that elite is way better because of all its added stuff, but will it still be okay to buy the regular one? i really dont know anything about this so i'm hoping to get some help.

    thanks very very much!

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    Elite has a larger hard drive and HDMI output. If your friend has an HDTV that takes HDMI, get the Elite. Otherwise, the original should be just fine.

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    We sold our Xbox 360 Premium edition and my husband bought the Elite.

    Here is what he says:

    Elite has 120 G as compared to 20G (in Premium)
    Elite has HDMI which delivers up to 1080P resolution where as Premium with component video can only output to a maximum of 1080i .
    Of course, you can use a VGA cable on a premium system to also get the 1080P, but most HDTV does not have VGA input.
    For DVD movie playing, a HDMI will upscale a movie from 480P to 1080P if your TV has that.
    With a component on Premium, will not upscale DVD movie and would stay at 480P resolutions.
    Elite DVD drive is actually a lite -on drive where as Premium has either the toshiba, or hitachi DVD.
    Hitachi DVD is the oldest installed in Xbox 360, and the noisiest, sounds like a blender.
    Toshiba is better, but still noisy.

    If you want to know which one your machine is, you can contact me pm.

    Elite has an added heat-sink to the GPU. ( Graphic processing unit) Has a much cooler temperature than the oldest Premium, which is the majority of the problem resulting 3 rings of death.

    The list goes on.... Anways, he bought his machine for $ 3580.00 plus the extra black controller (as we had 2 controllers before, but sold them with the old machine).

    ALL three systems including Core, Premium and Elite are now still using the 90 nn chip. There is a new chip of 65 nn chip codename falcon. It will be installed in the upcoming new systems.

    This chip will enable a much cooler and quieter system. No performance difference.

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    1) The elite has a bigger hard drive
    2) The elite is black
    3) That's it.

    Premiums are shipping with HDMI out now, and the same improved cooling. The list doesn't "go on".

    The Elite is a total waste of money.