Latin Dancing

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    Latin Dancing

    Anybody here does Latin dancing ? I currently just started. Just wonder if there's anyone here who dances as well ?
    (Its hard to find a partner here)

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    Latin Dancing

    I've also been learning myself. Not very good at it, yet. There are some clubs where people get together on Fridays and Saturdays to dance. I"ll let you know when the next party's going to be.

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    sure ~ pls keep me posted !!
    U can pm me too

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    Ive been looking for latin classes as well....where are you taking the class?? is it good??

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    latin dance

    Yes, I am into latin dance (mainly salsa) and I just started as well. Please keep me posted. I do go out every friday and saturday. I really like a venue in North Point called Dancing Jupiter. Lets meet up this Friday.

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    Hi GAIA,
    I used to be a regular in Dancing Jupiter, perhaps we had bumped into each other a lot there...:P