CLOCKENFLAP - the good, the bad, the ugly

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    Talking CLOCKENFLAP - the good, the bad, the ugly

    What did you think of ClockenFlap ? Was it a bit anticlimactic after all of the pre-festival hoopla?
    dance2: I had a great time and really enjoyed Young Knives and Snoblind.
    There were a lot of cool (and some lovely) people there and most of the event staff were friendly.

    The alcohol was priced reasonably...which surprised me (I was expecting to pay $80 per drink but beers and Smirnoff Ices were only $30 each) T-shirts were also reasonable. I appreciated the fact that we were not gouged on these items!

    Things to improve on next year should include:

    *a smoother transition from outdoor to indoor was a bit comical although things were up and jamming inside within 30 minutes or so.
    *more drink vendors...many of us were waiting more than 20 minutes in line for each round.
    *more signs explaining that no cash was accepted at booths. I know of a few people who waited in line and then found that they had to go somewhere else to buy coupons.
    *better return shuttle bus service. Nobody seemed to know what the situation was re: shuttle bus back to Admiralty...I just took a taxi out, but it was a bit puzzling.

    and now for the ugly:

    my head this morning!

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    That was a blast

    Excellent event! Thanks to everyone there who made it so much fun!
    Can't wait for next year!

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    Pardon my ignorance, but what on earth is/was "Clockenflap"?

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    PDLM - Concert in Cyberport....

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    a music/arts festival that was held yesterday.. ClockenFlap: Multi-media & Performance Arts Festival

    had a fantastic time. it was outdoors on lawns during the day and indoor at night.. something different, and it was refreshing to be in and dance in such *spacious* places..bumped into a number of people i know and the atmosphere was chilled and friendly

    Highlights for me were Young Knives (quriky british band), Snoblind (brilliant HK electronic duo), Kid Carpet (somewhat insane but brilliant bristol dude) and Uptown Rockers (fun DJ/mixer type act). A bit hard to describe those acts in a few words but I thought I'd try - inspiring stuff all in all

    Agree that there should have been more drink vendors as the queues were long - a few other things could have been better organised but they are relatively minor gripes!

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    Hats off to Clockenflap.

    Being able to organize anything of that level in Hong Kong for the sake of doing it is an incredible feat.

    Unfortunately, there are so many restrictions and red tape that it makes it *nearly* impossible to do something like this, especially without any major headliner act.

    For instance, Rock-it festival is no longer being organized because the amount of work and hassle involved wasn't financially viable.

    The Hong Kong government is just not behind these kinds of things for fear of the use of drugs and other social intolerations.

    Singapore and Jakara, two more conservative social environments, even have big music festivals.....