Came across a new UK TV program that is designed to be watched as two separate programs back to back. Not really sure what to make of it but I think I am witnessing a cult classic being born.

First is a real good comedy called Moving Wallpaper. Based on the premise of a production of a new daytime soap called " Echo Beach " which is basically a UK " Home and Away " based in Cornwall. The producer getting blowjobs is priceless. The writing is very clever.

Then you see the episode of the soap as the next program. Spooky!! Also Spooky because you can relate to certain things in the plot line.
For those of us who like the intellectual satisfaction of something as subtle as an actors facial or eye movement in a set situation to express a " WTF " moment , I think its ( Echo Beach part ) quite good. For instance the scene - " Blowjob Girl " with Martine in the second episode - the "WTF" moment as static shot - is wonderful comedy.

If you take it as a real soap then its crap with strained acting, a shallow scrip played on a low budget set. BUT --- isn't that what day time TV is all about?? Are we, as the viewer being sucked in to a " Gotcha Moment " ?

Some points - Martine McCutcheons famous big arse stars nicely. Jason Donovan accent is what?
Helen Ledderes daughter stars as his daughter and they can't keep a straight face when doing " emotional " scenes.
Good old Johnny Briggs can't do Cornish and is a star like Amy Turtle was in Crossroads.
Some of the scenes are obviously shot in Devon!!

For those of us with a long and painful knowledge of UK soaps it really does hit the mark and our famous soap actors star nicely.

The Aussie that wrote this just doesn't get it - /

I looked at the first two ( x 2 ) episodes from EZTV, maybe Nova has it as well. Would love to have feedback and IMHO is a break though in comedy. But then again I do have strange tastes.