Dance Class in Hong Kong

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    Dance Class in Hong Kong

    Hi there,

    Does anyone know of a dance class in Hong Kong, preferably central. I'm not looking for ballroom or latin, but jazz or hip hop.

    i'm looking for Modern dance or Ballet. Does anyone know anywhere?

    Tips would be Much appreciated

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    Coupla yrs back, tried 'jazz' street dance a handful o' times in Fringe's upstairs Rehearsal Room (Central).

    Very small, but an intimate class, run by a lovely local girl (think her name's 'Joycelene'?), who showed the right amount of funk/soul for such kool moves... Sure she's well-versed in Hip-Hop etc, too.

    She works slick & fast, so was kinda hard to catch up, esp. for complete novices like me & me friend, in the midst of early 20-something dance enthusiasts!

    We also joined a coupla her private sessions in a tiny Arts Ctr studio (Wanchai), but soon fell behind and dropped out when steps quickly increased in complexity... Loved the bass-blaring music & watching them grOOve though

    That dancer's a grad from HKAPA (Acad of Performing Arts), and is a regular tutor at the CCDC (City Contemp Dance Co), which is pretty good and their courses extremely popular with the locals (mostly young gals!). Here's a little info:

    Welcome to City Contemporary Dance Company - We are the dance generation

    BTW, their main 'Dance Ctr' is up in Kowloon, Wong Tai Sin. BUT if you're serious about trying out this kinda dance, call & ask, attend one of their many courses, then chat with their tutors. You'll find out about their other smaller group tutorials, elsewhere + on the island.

    One drawback is: they speak mainly Canto with a splattering of Eng, but hey, as normally everyone's a native HKer, no probs. (I got by thru my local friend!).

    And, oh, HKAPA may also have evening dance classes, but dunno much about them.

    Best of luck.

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    I'm looking too so if you find anywhere good let me know & I'll do the same

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    A place called Jubilee near Central has salsa classes on Saturday night. I witnessed the class on Saturday and beginners are welcome.

    Jubilee address is listed along with other salsa places here:
    Dance Chic | Salsa Clubs & Events in Hong Kong and Asia

    Oops... I just saw that you're not looking for latin.... Well, I guess this info is for the others who stumble upon this thread. Cheers

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