What do you do after work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by A-J:
    I work 7 days a week. 5 days full time 2 days part time (total of 3 workplaces) and money is still not enough.

    I also work at a primary school and have more than enough money without working weekends.

    Obviously I need to seriously improve my standard of living - bigger flat, more dining out at nice restaurants, more partying etc...

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    haha, social life definitely taxes much harsher than IRD.

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    i guess the consensus is that there isn't much to do on weekdays (other than spending time with your lovely family )

    The most out-of-the-ordinary activities i can think of involve taking classes - kick boxing anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PDLM:
    Spontaneity? Who needs it?

    Do you define the number of reps required as well?

    Definitely. 4-5 sets x 30. BJ while rest between sets.

    Quote Originally Posted by A-J:
    Master > I've always admired people who find energy and willpower to workout after work. That's amazing. what do you do when you don't work out? Usually workouts are day on and day off, rite?
    I normally work out 5 days, then 2 days rest. So, Monday to Friday, rest during weekend. Ideally, I would prefer 3 days gym, 1 day off, 2 days gym, 1 day off, then repeat. But I like having weekends off to have time with my significant other. Having a day off during the weekday doesn't do much for me. Now I've just bought a new motorcycle, so looking forward to take it for a few rides in the weekends out of HK.

    It's tough sometimes, but I'm completely committed to exercising, so whenever I don't end up at the gym, I feel like shit, and it feels like I've lost all my muscle mass.

    Yes, I'm sick.

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    my gosh! you guys getting off work at 5-6-7 are so lucky! i don't think any of my friends get off that early.... if i am home by 730 i consider it to be an early day and cause for celebration. i usually leave work somewhere between 8-9, though during crunch times i am sometimes here til 11-12. i hate those days passionately.

    after work i have yoga twice a week, a late meeting (til about 11pm) once a week, i generally go to my boyfriend's basketball game once a week, and then there's friday, which generally involves dinner with friends and either going out or collapsing.

    back in the states i didn't know anyone, not even bankers, that worked hours like this. to do so would seem insane! but now that i'm here i can't possibly imagine being finished with work at 5 or 6 as i was before.......

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    I go gym in the morning before work and finish work about 8 ish.

    Head home get in the car and head to Kowloon side with my gf.

    In my opinion its far more fun over there than lkf, soho etc.

    Sometimes go to Jordan to try out the different street market restaurants and people watching, browse the markets, pick up some cd's.

    Or head to one of the lounge type bars near the museums to play darts with the bar manager which is always fun!

    There are some great cafes there as well where you can order smoothies, cakes, coffees and play all those board games / cards that you played years ago.

    And having a car there are some amazing country roads in Kowloon / NT as well as beaches where you can sit at night and be romantic with your loved one!

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    I second the opinion that a baby will liven things up. Life is never the same one day to the next, no time to be bored since if you have a quiet moment you just want to relax and enjoy it, it's great .

    I have to say, just before we got pregnant, I was feeling in a similar rut to what you describe actually. Now I wish I made more of all that free time!

    Why don't you try joining a new club or activity? A lot of classes are put on in the evenings, you might meet a whole lot of new people that you actually can't wait to spend time with after work.

    Or get involved with a theater group, go to poetry readings, stuff like that (if you are into culture). The Fringe Club always has interesting things going on.

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