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What podcasts do you listen to?

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    Documentary junkies, this is the episode to check out:

    B.E.E. - Alex Gibney - 7/25/16 - Bret Easton Ellis Podcast
    Bret Easton Ellis highlights the best documentaries of 2016 so far, discusses a whole bunch of great docs from the past decade with guest Alex Gibney (Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, Taxi to the Dark Side).

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    Both fairly educational and entertaining. One episode of More Perfect (Kittens Kick The Giggly Blue Robot All Summer) made me laugh out loud on a bus.

    Stuff You Should Know: The Podcast

    Radiolab Presents: More Perfect | WNYC

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    Bill Maher.

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    I've "re-discovered" podcasts as I try to get fit and walk about the place more.

    I know this thread is old but if anyone still cares:

    - Kermode and Mayo's Film Review (don't forget to download the iWittr app!)
    Mark Kermode is usually entertaining and has a good hit/miss rate when reviewing the new movie releases. They get a lot of high-profile stars to interview too, being BBC-produced. The banter is getting cluttered with long-running in-jokes these days but you'll get the hang of it or you can always look it up on Witterpedia!

    - The SofaKing Podcast
    A huge range of conspiracy theories discussed in depth over some sippin' whiskey. This started off niche but they've really taken off and are becoming a bit of a worldwide phenomenon (in the world of podcasts and conspiracy theorists).

    ...and if you like fiction, I invite you to check out

    - EOS10 (hilarious), Alice Isn't Dead, TANIS, Limetown, The Message, Wolf359, and a bit of an oddball - Hadron Gospel Hour.

    Hope you find some you like

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    Reviving an old thread.
    I recently came across an English local podcast called Hong Kong Confidential :
    Hong Kong Confidential

    Its nice enough and its now part of my regular listening. Trying to find other local English podcasts.
    Anyone know of any regular ones?

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    Good article on the educational podcasts industry in China:

    Chen Jun’s cellphone is loaded with paid podcasts with practical titles like "How to Be a Master in Optimum Learning, "How to Get Healthy Returns from the Stock Market and "Effective Ways to Manage Your Health."

    He also paid for a podcast with 218,000 subscribers called "How to Make Your Voice More Attractive."
    The industry has cast its net 6,000 miles away to Minnesota, where Timothy Taylor with the Journal of Economic Perspectives has just signed a deal to do a podcast for China’s biggest audio platform, Ximalaya.

    Taylor, who writes a blog called "The Conversable Economist," said he does not plan to do a podcast in the United States.

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    RIP Nicholas Parsons who hosted Just a Minute for 50 years

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