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Language of Movies in Cinemas?

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    Language of Movies in Cinemas? I'm just going to start with saying that I'm completely ignorant on this topic, please don't get mad!

    I'm well aware that many movies will be dubbed or shown in the original language with Traditional Chinese subs. My question is, are most of the big releases (I'm talking about big UK and US movies) in English? Or do you have to go to certain cinemas for English releases? Or can you even find them? I tried looking on the various movie websites, but I didn't see a language section (possible that I didn't know where to look). Also, is it possible to see any foreign releases with English subs?

    I love movies and I'm really hoping I don't have to give that up until I can master the language enough to sit through a show. :/


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    Most films are in their original language, so most US/UK releases are screened in English with Chinese subtitles, and they also have English subtitles when someone speaks in a non-English language. Usually animated films (like Pixar/Dreamworks etc) will show the English (or original language if not English) and Cantonese dubbed version so you have to check which cinema is showing which version though it should be labelled on the cinema's website.

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    I did once find myself in the cinema watching a Korean film - about ski-jumping - which only had Chinese subtitles. I don't speak Korean or read Chinese...

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    western film - original dialogue and english and chinese subtitles

    Asian film ( Thai/Jap/Kor, presumed indian as well) - original dialogue and mostly chinese subtitles, rarely english subtitles

    Mandarin/mainland film - some have english subtitles some don't

    Taiwanese film - has both english and chinese subtitles

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    Quote Originally Posted by imparanoic:
    Asian film ( Thai/Jap/Kor, presumed indian as well) - original dialogue and mostly chinese subtitles, rarely english subtitles
    Depends on the cinema - I've seen half a dozen Japanese films with both English and Chi0ense subtitles in the past few months.

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    You must be new to Hong Kong. My experiences are they are mostly in original English for the US movies in HK's cinemas. There are always Chinese subtitles, and sometimes English too.

    Most probably in Mainland China or other places in Asia, the foreign movies in local cinemas are in local languages.

    Feel free to ask me more questions.

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    We aren't in japan or germany, thank god we don't dub the sh*t out of everything here in HK (with exception of cartoons, then you get to pick to see which version)

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    normally the cinema website will show you the film is in what language

    e.g. MCL cinema

    Castle in the Sky (Japanese)
    MCL Cinema - Castle in the Sky (Japanese)

    Language Japanese (Chinese&English Subtitles)

    The Purge:Anarchy
    MCL Cinema - The Purge:Anarchy
    Language English (Chinese Subtitles)

    Cafe Waiting Love ovieName=Cafe+Waiting+Love
    Language Putonghua (Chinese&English Subtitles)
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