Sunderland vs Newcastle (Sat. 7:45pm)

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    Sunderland vs Newcastle (Sat. 7:45pm)

    Morning all,

    Just wanted to let the thousands (ahem) of Sunderland (and our less fortunate cousins, Newcastle) supporters in Hong Kong that the match will be on in the:

    White Stag - Wanchai - 7:45pm - Saturday 25th October

    It's always a canny laugh every year, well, not for me for the past few as we've been varying shades of shi*e, and hopefully this year we can get the numbers back up to those of a few years ago.

    If anyone is interested in becomming a fully fledged Sunderland supporter and gaining the beauty, riches and female attention that goes with it, please feel free to PM me for my mobile and we can meet up.

    If any of the darkside are looking to come along for a bit of banter then it's always good to meet the other side so please also drop me a line.

    Heart's prediction = 2-1
    Head's prediction = 1-1

    Many thanks


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    Now there must be someone who's interested

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    ...Wanchai, HK.

    Smoggie welcome ??

    I'm from 30 miles down the A19 (otherwise Known as the home of European Football). I wouldn't mind popping along for a laugh...The mackem/geordie games alway remind me how blessed i am to be a T...T...Teessider !!!!

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    I believe these games are scheduled early to limit the drinking time before the game and try to avoid the inevtiable Maccam v Geordie scuffles...

    ... This game, being watched at beer o'clock in HK, could be a scary prospect