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    Small boat tour


    Some friends are coming in a few weeks time and I'd like to do a bit of a boat tour with them up to Sai Kung. There'll only be 5/6 of us so I didn't really think a junk would be worth it. Can anyone put me in touch with a good company that can arrange this? It'll be mid-week, 2nd week of Nov.

    I'd also like it to be relaitvely stable and reassuring (one of our number is 5 months pregnant). I was thinking a pick up in Central, out to Sai Kung. Lunch somewhere good and then return.

    If anyone has advice on any other aspect of this it would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance


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    fat tat hong is a good company, but even the smallest junk/boat hire will cost you about HK$2,000/3,000 for a whole day, unless its dodgy.

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    And Central to Sai Kung is a very long ride, much of it in open waters, so you'd want a pretty big boat to get the stability. You'd need a pretty early start from Central to get to Sai Kung for lunch.