Living in Yeun Long, looking for decent pubs accessible from West Rail MTR

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    Living in Yeun Long, looking for decent pubs accessible from West Rail MTR


    Literally joined to ask this question! I'm a mid 30's guy living out in northern N.T. who travels in and out of HK a bit and never got round to discovering any good places for a pint and a chat around these parts. I head to tst quite a bit (and the island when I've got friends about to catch up with), but taxi'ing back after hours can be a pain.
    Can anyone suggest some good places (dives, bars, restaurants- even a club or 2 if such a thing exists out in these badlands, I don't mind) to check out, preferably accessible from the western MTR?
    Would be ideal if I could pour myself into a NT cab at the end of the night without having to switch from red to green which can happen when traveling from the island or even tst.
    I've read there's some options at the gold coast- could anyone else offer a suggestion?
    Much appreciated, happy to buy anyone a beer who might frequent a place they recommend.

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    You don't have to change taxi's, you're being a bit nice

    King Ludwig in Yuen Long on Castle Peak Road is nice. They have good food and live music in the evenings. Another place that recently opened is Tongs on Castle Peak Road as well. They have a small bar area and drinks and food are pretty good, and it's very clean and modern with both indoor and outdoor seating.

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    Haha "a bit nice", naive might be more accurate.

    That's great, thanks for the suggestions. Both in Yuen Long which is suprising. I had a look at the new YOHO mall too, the german place had opened but not the other bar whose name I forget (it was a franchise I think). Have you taken a look there?
    I'll definitely check out your suggestions tonight, thanks again kind sir (or ma'am)!