Hip Hop Karaoke!!

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    Hip Hop Karaoke!!

    Hi all,

    I am trying to set up a regular monthly night for folks who love hip hop and also karaoke! These nights are massive in the UK and US so hoping we can get something similar going in HK!

    I know there are quite a few here who would be keen to give this a go, so if you fancy yourself as a closet star rapper or just want to have a go and a laugh, come down to attend the inaugural night!

    Free shots for all performers!

    Date - 12th Aug 2017
    Time - 8-10pm
    Venue - Wolf Market in LKF
    DJ - DJ Gruv

    Please reply here or PM me if you are interested!


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    this sounds interesting. perhaps i will step out of my cave and check this out! =D

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    Hey importrule, that's great! Hope to see you there! The event is also on FB, it's a public event so you should be able to search for it and add yourself.


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    I didn't know this was a thing! My curiosity is piqued

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    I did some Ice Ice Baby in Neway one time.

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    Hey Jay,

    Yep, it's a massive night in the UK (voted one of the best nights out by TimeOut UK) and I think all over the US but nothing like this in HK. Granted, hip hop is not as popular here as other places, but I think there's enough interest to have a good night and hopefully make it a regular thing.

    Come down and check it out, and if you can also spread the word, that would be much appreciated!

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    Hi si0001 - actually we have a few people coming now who are keen to do some tracks and Ice Ice Baby is one of them!
    So I will make sure the DJ has it and we have the lyrics if you want to come down and also do it!

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    Folks, we are on for tomorrow! Come join us at Wolf Market in LKF 8-10pm. I have had loads of song requests so if everyone shows up then we should be in for a great inaugural night!