Jazz in honkers!

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    Jazz in honkers!

    Just wanna share my joy from my night out tonight....

    Been searching for a decent jazz place for ages, and I think we finally found it tonight! Peel Fresco on Peel Street - busy but not claustrophobic, cozy but not smoky, the bar staff were super friendly and efficient, and of course the band was rocking! (better than what I've seen in the Fringe Club..)

    We all had a ball, and we'll very likely return every week from now on....

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    You caught the end of the HK International Jazz Festival which brought various international acts to town this week. Be aware that once they've gone you'll find that the population of jazz musicians working the dozen or so bars that have jazz is really very small. So if you like what they do fine, but it can get very repetitive very quickly.

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    Yea I did suspect that. So any recommendations then? Apart from the FCC which I try not to frequent - too many people in my industry lurking there so no good for chilling out after work!

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    The HKJazz festival was a gift and there have been some decent jazz gigs this year - Ornette Coleman, Lee Ritenour, Roy Hargrove, McCoy Tyner with Christian Scott, Nguyen Le all come to mind.

    But, the local scene, it terms of regular stuff outside of those bigger events is really, really small.

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    I like the live jazz at Gecko from about 10:30pm from Tuesdays to Thursdays. It often gets quite busy till past 1am.

    As far as the weekends are concerned Fresco I think still has jazz but as has been pointed out, some of the musicians there of late have just been temporarily in town.

    Vibe I think on Wyndham Street has regular jazz on the weekends but I like the atmosphere at Gecko better.

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    Down under pub Ned Kelly's Last Stand over at TST has been featuring live jazz daily. The place has been around and doing that for donkey's years, even back in the early 80s when I first saw it. Rollicking Dixieland-style band. One of those lanes off Peking Rd west of the former Hyatt on Nathan Rd. Hopefully it's still around - google it.

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    Cheers for the tip, but have never been a fan of the good old Ned Kelly, and I don't really do dixie either. But all in all, very useful post from ya!

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    New place in TST :

    Dada Bar & Lounge,
    Performer: "ABA & The Company" perform Jazz & R&B from Thursday to Saturday nights...

    39 Kimberley Road Tsim Sha Tsui
    Kowloon, Hong Kong

    try this place out, its run by an Expat, used to be a Radio DJ in BFBS a long long time ago, ran a few bars in Wan Chai and Soho. Did the pub quiz in China Town before.

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    i recommend the melting pot in soho:

    the melting-pot hongkong

    from 10pm-midnight - except mondays where they have open mic. you see some good local musos there