House or Trance lover hangs out? but where?

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    Quote Originally Posted by imparanoic:
    try clubbing in shenzhen, i hear people states that any thing goes, I MEAN ANYTHING goes there, however, considering there was a fire tragedy last year and most are unlicenced, take at your own risk.
    Fires aside, I've heard of people being framed by cops for drugs they don't have and had to spend time in jail, etc. But I'm still compelled to check it out sometime, LOL Does anyone know of any relatively "safe" clubs frequented by expats in SZ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bechampions:
    well i actually went to insomnia in lkf alone (note entry in the slubbing solo thread). probably the least awkward place to go and u wouldnt feel as self conscious cuz theres a band playing.

    yea well i used to live in shanghai and beijing but too bad i was too young to even know about alcohol back then, but yea good old china, they would not encourage drinking under 18 but no one really cares lol. how old r u btw if u dont mind...we could hang out if we're in the same age group!
    hahah the only thing about partying in china that i remember was that the drinks were dirt cheap and that we had to get extra cans of coke to dilute the rum in our glasses cos it was rank-bitter lol... the rest of the night is a blur as is to be expected hahaha...

    i'm 24 mate... would definitely be up for hanging out

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    yea hopefully i get to try it in shanghai, im planning to go visit for a weekend since ive not been there for 6 years...definitely never drank there either lol

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    haha why go all the way to shanghai when you can do it up in hour away from the city lol

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    It quite a different atmosphere in shenzhen clubs, some places are shady, but some are pretty decent. I like hard house and nothing like that gets played here, when I was in UK however, I could walk into most clubs with house/hardhouse playing.

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    hm, there's a drum n bass gig coming up next weekend at ivan the kozak in central:

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    I like vocal trance and hard trance but it's almost impossible to find a place that plays trance in hk. I'm too lazy to cross the border to party.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A-J:
    I'm too lazy to cross the border to party.
    haha likewise... especially with all the visa crap to go through. it's just not worth it. well hopefully someone will do something about it lol

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