Xinjiang - Chinese Muslim food in HK

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    Muslim can go to vegetarian restaurants

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    I also live in HK and miss the halal chinese food sooo much as Aisha's restaurent wanchai and xinjiang restaurent central have closed down now .Poor me, i never tried any dimsum or peking duck. Hot pot at xinjiang was sooo good. Does anyone know if they have closed down for good or moved to somewhere else? Any address or contact no would be great.


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    Hi all,

    I'm moving to Hong Kong this coming Feb., and was sad to hear that Aisya's has closed down.

    The last round, I stayed for 7 mths in Hong Kong and had sandwich almost everyday as I do not know where to go for halal food around central, on Hong Kong Island, where I'm working / staying at.

    Never tried the peking duck too....wonder what it taste like...

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    Pasha Xinjiang Fusion Restaurant
    Shop C1, C2 & D1, G/F,5-7 Cleveland Street,Causeway Bay,Hong Kong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantab:
    I don't need halal...just 5 lb's of dripping mutton
    No belly dancers at Pasha, but they do a great roast lamb shank and fried spicy mutton. I was just there again 2 nights ago. yummy!

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    if you want to have a muslim halal food. you can go Istanbul express in TST or in wan chai. because they are turkish muslim restaurant, or you can try muslim restaurant in chung king mension 2 floor in tst. mostly halal foods are in TST in chung king mension. enjoy ur meal

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    just wondering...........r u guys muslim?

    i would love to meet some new friends when i move over to hong kong.....

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    Shenzhen's the next best thing

    I was in Shenzhen over the weekend and I definitely ate enough Xinjiang lamb kebabs to make me happy and fill me up until my next craving...

    After leaving the Lowu (luo hu) border, take the metro to Hua Qiang Lu and wonder the streets and alleys around that area. Lots of other quality street snacks as well. Highly recommend the Tu Jia Kao Bing, which looks like a small pizza crust (naan!) with garlic and herbs on it. Excellent stuff.

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