Macau Success Casino Cruise?

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    Oct 2008

    i would just take a starcruise / costa cruise. or just go to macau for the gamble & food.

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    May 2008

    well depend on how you look at it..
    1. the bed is shit and small
    2. it is noisy in the morning and you can't really get decent sleep
    3. the typhoon is coming r u sure u want to be at the sea?
    4. if you are going with an opposite sex then think twice.. since I will tell u that there aren't much entertainment there apart from gamble, some foods and u guess the rest.
    5. I personally find it much enjoyable to go to Macau.

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    Siu Sai Wan

    I think samtam was putting it very nicely. I had some friends who went on one of the casino boats (not sure which one, but had that similar sort of deal/price) and they really didn't like it. Pretty much said exactly what samtam said. Followed by "never again". They weren't expecting much, but got alot less.