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    Gujarati Samaj HK

    does anyone know how to get in touch with the gujarat samaj in Hong Kong - and any idea on how much the membership is and what it offers?

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    Hey !

    u can get in touch with Gujrat Samaj at: [email protected]

    As a member you will be able to attend the events at discounted rates. The minimum events of Gujarat Samaj are:
    1. Kite Flying on Sankranti (it’s a full day picnic)
    2. Dandiya
    3. Diwali Ball (This yr its on 19th Oct)
    4. Cultural Festival (Drama / dance competitions, etc)

    Not sure if there are any more… as v've recently become members....
    This Dandiya nite was our 1st event. We really enjoyed… for an evening you feel like you are back home…

    Non-gujjus can attend functions only if they buy guest passes.

    hope the above info helps

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    Hong Kong

    i have the application form at work, i can forward it to you if you want (pm me an email address).

    I actually didn't end up joining, but am considering...

    Dandiya would have been fun actually, its been a while....

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    thanks Dharmangi - just tried the email address you gave but it fails to deliver
    could you check the address is correct?

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    opps sorry... the correct email id: [email protected]

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    Is there somewhere people celebrate Holi in HK?

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    we are in process of moving to Hong Kong in 1 month. We are looking for names of some areas where we can find few Indian families specially Gujarati

    can you please name some areas where more Indian families live?

    If you can, I would also like to ask you, how can we fine accomodation there 1BHK or 2 BHK?


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    Hopefill you are in are HK by now, all settled.

    I am a Gujarati and the family has recently moved to HK. If you are interested please mail me on [email protected]

    Take care...

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    HI all

    i am looking for gujarati ghodiyu for my 6 months old daughter. please help me!