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    Quote Originally Posted by ScotchDrinker:
    For your record Zuma is "only" $550 a head, and for a hundred more (hardly blowing the budget massively?) you get W. NO ONE is talking about $700 - $900 here.
    Don't forget the 10% service charge - after which you are in fact closer to HKD700 than to the OP's budget for both Zuma and W.

    For the OP, here is a recent list of brunch places - not comprehensive, but hopefully somewhat helpful.

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    Oh and also check with your credit card to see if you get a discount at certain hotel buffets etc.

    I got 15% off for paying by Amex at W Hotel a few weeks back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachball:
    For the OP, here is a recent list of brunch places - not comprehensive, but hopefully somewhat helpful.
    Yes, thanks for reminding us of that. I note that Zuma isn't a buffet - it's a semi-buffet: single main course but buffet starter and dessert.

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    Just thought I would pull this thread up in order to warn y'all about the Zuma brunch. In three words: Don't F*cking Go.

    We (a group of ten) finally tried it out last weekend, and the experience was far from pleasant. The starter choices were pathetic. I was quite looking forward to trying their sashimi and yakitori as I've heard good things about them - and it is, afterall, a Jap restaurant. But alas, all we found were comedy-sized slices of the cheapest cut: salmon (SALMON? When you're paying $500 per head sans plonk?), hamachi and octopus. Of the (only) two kinds of yakitori that were offered, both were overcooked and tasted of nothingness. The best were the clams in sake - I had one, found a load of sand in it; tried a second one, same thing; a third one, still full of sand. I waved the waitress over and asked her to bring this back to the chef, as it is not acceptable anywhere, let alone in a one-star place (is it still one-star this year?) to be served shellfish that obviously hasn't been cleaned at all. She looked at me as if I had two heads and five legs.

    The mains didn't fare much better either. Salmon was again featured in the choices, and it was overcooked. And the puds, just forget about it. We waited nearly half an hour for the platter to come, and when we enquired with another equally competent and clued-up waiter, his response was "well we have a lot of people to serve". When it came, we were bemused that all it was were just slices of fruits, scoops of ice-cream, and pre-preped cubes of cakes.

    To cap it all off, half of the party got serious food poisoning (I'm not making this up), which they are yet to recover from, a whole week afterwards. I joke with my mates that this must have been the most expensive food poisoning they've ever paid for.

    Absolutely disgraceful.

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    Hi everyone,

    Just like to check if there's any good champagne brunch to recommend.

    Has anyone tried the Sunday bunch at Intercontinential Harbourside or Conrad Nicholini's? Which is better?


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    $1000 buffet is better than a $500 buffet

    The is probably expensive must be better effect, which probably also needs some sort of bragging rights and is not immediately accessible to the audience being bragged to.

    The Langham in MongKok has a nice $230 buffet (less plonk) for example but it would be difficult to 'compare' with a suggestion that someone puts in way over the budget say $1000. It is a simple tactic to appear superior by offering something above the range being discussed - but is it better?

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    In case somone searches this thread in the future......

    I went for Sunday brunch a few weeks ago to BLT Steak in the Ocean Terminal TST. Its not a true buffet but has buffet style starters, a meal from the menu, I think a prime rib carving station, and a dessert buffet. I thought it was quite good and for $298. Plus you can have free flowing wine for an additional $120 (sorry, I don't remeber if they had sparking wine)