Rockit Festival October 25 & 26

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    Rockit Music Festival 2003 October 25 & 26 2003

    The Rockit Festival 2003 brings a full-scale festival to Hong Kong for the first time. A festival in the vein of Glastonbury, The Big Day Out, Summer Sonic and The Fuji Rock Festival - where likeminded people converge to watch established music acts and discover new ones, to sample food and drinks from around the world, and take in the alternative entertainment. The event is suitable for all ages with a musical diversity to cater for everyone.

    Set against the neon craze of Causeway Bay's skyline - The Rockit Festival offers a true city festival experience like no other in the world. Featuring the best in established and emerging musical talent from UK, US, Japan, France, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and, of course, HK. The Rockit Festival is designed for the entertainment of Hong Kong people, at a venue that provides a unique experience for festival goers.

    1. Main Stage

    Diversity is the key. Headlining, and appearing in Hong Kong for the first time, Britain's captains of poppy punk, the much lauded SUPERGRASS who need no introduction. From the vibrant sunny, sashaying, salsa of the Latin Grammy nominated SPANISH HARLEM ORCHESTRA, the sheer thrill of the act currently creating more havoc than Godzilla in Europe and US - ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK (a.k.a. the rock and roll monster from Japan), to the typically French chic, electronica of RINÔÇÉRÔSE. European festival favourites SIX BY SEVEN from the UK and GOLDRUSH, fresh from a US tour appearing with MARK GARDENER (from UK band Ride). Hong Kong born and UK sensation LESLIE LOH will also perform. Brazilian flair and beats from world renowned DJ MARKY, XRS featuring STAMINA MC and world class Drum and Bass from ex-Reprazent crew member DJ SUV will have you dancing the day away.

    2. International Food Festival

    Food stands providing a wide array of international cuisine provided by an array of Hong Kong based restaurant groups.

    3. Licensed Bars

    More of what you're looking for! Bars and beer provided by Asahi will be scattered around the festival site should thirst ever grab you. Stand with a drink and watch the music or relax in the Beer Garden sampling the atmosphere.

    4. Performing Artists

    Exact scheduling to be confirmed.


    After the successes of three platinum selling albums, 'I Should Coco' in 1995, 'In It For The Money' in 1997, and 'Supergrass' (aka 'The X-ray Album') in 1999, Supergrass have recently released their fourth album 'Life On Other Planets'.

    This talented group of musicians formed Supergrass in 1994 after failing in the job market as factory worker (Gaz Coombes), plunger-dishwasher (Mick Quinn), dinner lady (Danny Goffey) and astrophysicist (Robert Coombes).

    They are a band who make joyous, moving, vivid vignettes to the madness of human existence, whose string of successes include, 'Caught by the Fuzz', 'Alright', 'Richard III', 'Sun Hits the Sky', 'Going Out', 'Pumping on Your Stereo' and 'Moving'. Eight years of touring has established Supergrass as one of the most highly regarded and accomplished live bands in the UK.

    It's the band's obscure take on life, it's darkness, joy and humour that make Supergrass so unique. Supergrass are a band with a singular identity and a universal spirit.

    Listen to Supergrass because life is too short not to.

    Electric Eel Shock. AKA: The Rock and Roll Monster From Japan

    With a beat that sounds like Godzilla trampling Tokyo underfoot, Electric Eel Shock mean business, after seeing them you will truly believe that Rock & Roll Can Rescue The World... Do not miss EES." - Kerrang!

    Creating more havoc around Europe and US than Godzilla, Electric Eel Shock's ferocious live set and stamina defying touring schedule have tagged them one of THE bands to watch out for in 2004. Lauded as "the new Metallica", Electric Eel Shock play an energetic mix of Metal and Garage rock that leaves destruction and devastation in its wake. Perhaps the first Asian rock act to break the UK and US markets - all hail the Asian heroes Electric Eel shock - the rock and roll monster from Japan. This is a band that has really earned and deserves the label “Not to be missed…”

    "Tokyo’s soon to be infamous Metal warriors conquer London..." Kerrang!

    “Electric Eel Shock may be from Tokyo… but their music and fan-base is routed right here in the USA…” MTV USA

    “Anyone who saw Electric Eel Shock at Roskilde Festival could not argue that this simply mind-blowingly awesome Japanese trio are indeed destined to be the New Metallica…” BT, Denmark


    Rinôçérôse, the French electronic / organic duo, once described their music as "house with guitars." Their style is experimental in nature, yet it works well. Some tracks are upbeat and rhythmic, yet their more profound ones are mellow enough to chill to, encompassing a wide variety of musical ingredients. Strong guitars weep to synth-y bleeps, while Latin percussion creates the tempo for a frolicking flute on "Mes Vacances a Rio." Classic rock meets electro funk on "I Love Ma Guitare." It’s well produced, thought out and downright creative. makes mixing genres look easy. Rinôçérôse goes in for fuzz guitar, acoustic guitar, talk-box guitar, bottleneck guitar, flamenco guitar, e-bow guitar, wah-wah guitar, even lap-steel guitar almost all the six-string flavours house-resistant music lovers go for.

    The hooks and tunes non-househeads might grasp for are fairly low-key, and all except the most open-minded rock fans still get a little uncomfortable when they hear that four-on-the-floor kick drum - even now, after more than 20 years, disco still sucks. But for anyone up for a slinky new take on a familiar old sound, Rinôçérôse is a must see.... and hear...

    The Spanish Harlem Orchestra

    The Spanish Harlem Orchestra remind us how thrilling Salsa music can be. A forceful, finely tuned ensemble of alumni from the great salsa bands of Tito Puente, Ray Barretto, Willie Colon, Ruben Blades and other these seasoned sidemen have been spearheading the current resurgence of classic salsa from the 1960s and '70s.

    Under the direction of pianist and arranger Oscar Hernandez (well known for arranging the title music for HBO's world famous Sex In The City series) The Spanish Harlem Orchestra will stick mostly to hard-driving standards such as Colon's "La Banda" and Barretto's "Vale Mas Un Guaguanco." To salsa die-hards who know all the words, these songs have the joyful, nostalgic appeal of Beatles tunes. Plus, they make you get up and dance, with or without a partner. This merry band of baby boomers taps into the good-natured, communal spirit characteristic of salsa at its timeless best. It sweeps up even the many young fans in the crowd who were not yet born when this music was popular.

    Tauntingly unpredictable these crack musicians rev up their complex, precision polyrhythms and fire up five-part horn harmonies. Hernandez, who offers intricate though somewhat cerebral piano solos, often allows local musicians on stage for a fiery finale of "Muneca," the Eddie Palmieri-Ismael Quintana hit.

    The near-anarchic, party-like climaxes of SHO performances remind fans of the final lesson in classic salsa: Never leave before it's over.

    Leslie Loh

    It's easy to see why people are beginning to notice Hong Kong born Leslie Loh. Her sold out UK tour in March and April 2003 and appearances supporting Liberty X and Blue at regional UK Festivals left crowds wanting for more. She has appeared in numerous commercials and featured in the movie 'Tempting Hearts' shown at the Cannes Film festival. And now this rising star is returning to Hong Kong for the Rockit Festival 2003.

    Her UK hit Satisfied has left her anything but satisfied as she reaches higher. Following the Boom Bang Bang tour, a track taken from her forthcoming album released on 25th August on VF Records has an infectious hook and has garnered airplay on UK national radio and excellent exposure on The Box TV

    Her emergence as a live act is set to reach new heights in November and December as she appears with the BRIT award nominees Atomic Kitten on their extensive UK tour. This is one star to watch this year and best of all she's a Hong Kong girl through and through.

    Six By Seven

    British drone-pop trio Six by Seven was formed in Nottingham, England in 1991. Their self-released debut single, "European Me," released in the autumn of 1997 was hailed as "one of the all-time great debut singles" by the NME, the record sold out in a week and a contract with Beggars Banquet, which issued The Things We Make in the spring of 1998. The Closer You Get followed two years later followed by last years The Way I Feel Today. Festival favourites in Europe this year.

    Gold Rush and Mark Gardener
    Press information to follow

    DJ Suv

    As a crucial member of the respected Full Cycle and Roni Size's Reprazent stables as well as Bryan Gee's V Recordings, Suv has undoubtedly contributed his fair share to the development of Drum n Bass and definitely to the Bristol sound.

    Never afraid to look into the past and roots seldom explored, Suv's Desert Rose EP and his recent release of 'Follow the Sun' kicked up a storm and has appealed to everyone from the likes of Grooverider & Fabio to eclectic leftfield DJs like Giles Peterson and John Peel.

    DJ Suv Live Showcase plays the Dance Tent at Rockit.

    DJ Marky and XRS

    Although only 28, DJ Marky is already a veritable superstar DJ in his homeland Brazil. Based in Sao Paulo, the clubbing and dance music capital of Brazil, Marky is well established as one of Brazil’s biggest DJs and producer talents.

    DJ Marky began making a name for himself in the early 90’s pioneering the sounds of UK Drum & Bass/Jungle, appealing to lovers of dance music of all styles for his sheer artistry on a pair of Technics 1210’s.

    He is currently resident DJ at the Bunker in Rio De Janeiro and at the fashionable Lov.e club in Sao Paulo where he was talent spotted in ‘98 by UK jungle legend Bryan Gee and Bulldozer. Without hesitation they invited him back to the UK, fulfilling a lifelong dream to play in London where he is now a Movement International Resident.

    He created an immediate impression, smashing up the dancefloor at Movement and was instantly invited by Jumping Jack Frost to do a mix on his Kiss 100FM radio show.

    In 2002, DJ Marky was publicly voted into 52nd place in the prestigious DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ's in the World poll. DJ Marky was again nominated at the Muzik Magazine awards for Best Breakthrough DJ as well as appearing in the Hot 100 poll in URB magazine.

    Now DJ Marky is heading to Hong Kong for Rockit where a whole new crowd will experience the artistry of this Brazilian powerhouse.

    Stamina MC

    Known as the voice of 'LK' from DJ Marky's & XRS' U.K Top 20 smash hit, Stamina MC, the soulful mic controller made a visit to Hong Kong recently. A vocalist of rare ability, Stamina's dextrous delivery combines a seamless flow with a truly unbelievable approach to music: Whether it be singing, rapping ragga lyrics, firing out rhymes or displaying his natural instinct for hyping any crowd, his skills are guaranteed to serve a groove. Be prepared at Rockit to be entertained as Movement's No 1 MC takes you on a lyrical trip!

    He will be supporting DJ Marky at Rockit.

    Local Acts

    Robot Live
    The Academy
    Audio Traffic
    Whence He Came
    Uncle Joe

    Plus more to be announced…

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    We Love the Rockit Festival in Hong Kong 25-26

    This month The Rockit Festival, Hong Kong’s largest outdoor on the grass event will take place. It looks to be spectacular, with a combination of local and international talent covering over 20 different styles of music. Read more...There really looks to be something for everyone from choir singing, to drum n bass, even some quality rock. Headlining the 2 day event that goes from 11am to 11pm is Supergrass from the UK. There are one of the leading bands at festivals throughout the world and I think Hong Kong is lucky to have them here.

    The cost which many of you will be concerned about is only HK$120 per day. This lets anyone who may have a tight budget enjoy the acts that take place over the 12 hour sessions.

    Food and drinks stalls will be available on the grounds so people have everything they really need on hand.

    Finally we get such an event in Hong Kong please show your support to Hong Kong’s entertainment scene and come down, then hopefully this will happen every year.

    I will of course be there for both days. Hope to see you all there too!

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    cant stream supergrass coz of record label issues. Suv played at the organisers venue so thats why they can stream it.

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    Electric Eel Shock video

    There is a video about EES linked from the Rockit website here.

    The EES page has a link to an MTV video looks pretty cool.

    There are also some new photos up for Mark Gardener formerly of Ride. It's pretty interesting to see a very cool cross section of artists. We're so cut off from the mainstream in HK it is hard to stay in touch. But Rockit looks like it is going to be an eye-opener for a lot of people.

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    New Rockit Website

    Looks like Rockit finally took our advice and updated their website!

    Looks great - check it out! Lots of info and images there now.

    They've put together a description of what to expect at Rockit as well.

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    Met several people at the pub yesterday and NO ONE had heard of the Rockit festival. May be its the people I hang out with .. who knows.

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    Hong Kong

    I would say everyone who lives in Mid-Levels knows.
    There's a huge banner outside of Fat Angelos.

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    Word is getting out

    There are several other forums where Rockit is being discussed - especially Chinese...

    The best marketing is word of mouth - And of course Shri is a one man marketing band

    The Rockit Street Team has 50 people in it - mostly local Chinese kids... they told me they needed Cantonese speakers - so I'm out I guess...

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    Rockit Radio Streams

    Spy Radio has posted some streams of the bands playing at Rockit this weekend.

    I've not heard of The Feelers before but their stream is awesome!

    Check it out here.

    The Feelers musc stream

    I think it will work if you just click it. Other wise copy and paste this: -

    Into Winamp or iTunes for windows - - now that's an awesome application.

    I'm going to put together a stream and try to get it up there. But is it legal?

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    The photos

    As promised here they are:

    I have movie clips too of Electric Eel Shock and Uncle Joe. Sunday we filmed it with a real camera man. All photos are in high res, I have about 100 of them.

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