HK Bar/Club Scene: Not Satisfactory

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    Soho is nearer lkf for atmosphere and drinks prices.

    Not a lot of difference between the two apart from less bars and thats pretty much it.

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    Thumbs up

    Hey Guys and Gals!!!

    I HAVE to say this!!!! Met Chrome last night at the Indian Dinner organised in Tandoor - delicious food and fantastic company....but that is deviating from what I started off to write!!!

    Chrome is one guy, I am sure who does not need to go about looking for "company", there must be women from all parts of the world just waiting for him to acknowledge their presence!!!!! Because not only is he extremely goodlooking, he is also classy and full of style.......

    He is the type of guy who the girls would love to introduce to their parents!!!!

    I think he was just testing us, by posting what he did!!! The reasons for it??? Not sure!!! Maybe he wanted to know that on this site we have people who are really as genuine as he is!!!???!!! Whatever his reasons.....I was genuinely happy to meet him and the little time that I did spend talking to him, I am 100% sure that knowing him and having him as a GeoExpat Buddy is the best thing to have happened last evening, among all the other fantastic things that also did!!!

    Sorry Chrome, if I said or wrote anything that seemed patronising or rude in the other posting!!!

    You are a fine buddy to have!!!

    Warm regards,


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    Wow Ms.Rubina! Please! You are embarassing me!

    Thanks very much for your kind words. I believe I am nowhere near how you described me but I appreciate your sincereness. Like I said last night, you are an excellent salesperson!

    I had a good time as well and the group seems to be full of characters.
    Food was great as well.

    The reason why I posted all this was to get a feeling of what the expat community felt about the night scene here compared to my initial observations. I was open and perhaps a bit provocating on purpose. But it worked! I think I got the needed feedback. Thanks and see you next time!

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    I am doing my part trying to improve the music quality of the city

    By the way, did I see you yesterday at the restaurant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by volgan:
    I am doing my part trying to improve the music quality of the city

    By the way, did I see you yesterday at the restaurant?
    Yeah Volgan I guess you did

    Was really nice last evening, good to chat with you too chrome!

    See ya all good buddies very very soon!!

    Cheers, Blom

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    Gday all

    Hey guys,
    Im an Aussie who was born and raised here.
    however i left Hong Kong to persue educational challenges back in Sydney. unfortunatly Hong Kong being the vibrant constantly changing matrix of interesting people has meant that im somewhat out of the loop now. a good example of this would be CLUB ING which has unfortunatly closed... *sigh*
    anyway would be great to get to know some people around here. hence the reason i have decided to post.
    i look forward to chatting to you all and hopefully (if i meet the criteria) get to know some of you.

    all the best


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    I wuld like to express ma opinion.

    HK clubbing sucks real nasty!
    its the worse in the world.
    Music is for all loosers who like commercial

    If anyone KNOWS abt clubbing (in Europe) they might understand me.

    I mean tr is only lkf whit commercial musics.
    Can say the pubs are quite nice.thats all.


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    I do agree with you!!!!
    They are so so commercial, normal music can play from the CDs......Atmotphere is shit!!!!I so missed clubbing in the UK!!!!!!!!

    Where are the talented DJs????

    Any decent clubs or pubs can recommend?

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    Does anyone know how to get a job as a dj and about the salery.
    I played in premier and underground clubs in europe finest rnb and hiphop.
    What they play here is old and commercial....


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    I am a local born and I spent about 6 years time overseas before I came back. I must agree to a certain degree that clubbing, in HK, is not as good as people think.

    First of all, I don't think alot of HK people (especially the young ones) know alot of music. Hip Hop is hip and then you see every club plays it. No one really dances. The girls do. The guys just stand aside and perve at girls have act 'cool'.

    Yes there are wealthy snobby people hanging around LKF. That's a reality and no point to whine about it. But take Hei Hei as an example, it became popular and then you see all kinds of people getting in there just because it's popular.

    I drink,dance hard,mingle with every friendly person where i go out, wherever I go. And that;s fun for me. I so miss the nightlife in Sydney where I couild party from pm-am-pm straight. Moreover, back in australia every race mixes with each other which is not the case in HK. Why? Class system, social hierarchy, it all goes back to HK history. Really hope that HK people (local or residents) can open up their mind more someday (Of course, there are many people who are not like this).

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