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    Returning expat

    Hi all,

    I used to live in HK from 88 to 97 and I'm returning with family for the first time in July. I'm trying to remember places i used to love and am wondering if they're still good and/or in existance, such as ...

    Jo Jo's in Wanchai
    Chilli Club in Wanchai
    Kublai's, Wanchai
    Chinese restaurant at the top of Windsor House, Causeway Bay
    Chinese restaurant at the top of the Macau Ferry Terminal (? Shun Tak Centre)
    Japanese restaurant in LKF
    Korean restaurant just off Gloucester Road

    Can anyone recommend the best places (i'm thinking hotels) for afternoon tea, lunch buffet and dinner buffet. Used to go to the Conrad, but not sure if it's still good.


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    Jo Jo's in Wanchai: closed down few months ago. However they opened a new one in Central area

    Chilli Club in Wanchai: Still here

    Chinese restaurant at the top of the Macau Ferry Terminal (? Shun Tak Centre): yes Shun Tak Centre. However not sure about the chinese restaurant

    Japanese restaurant in LKF: there are severals so..

    Korean restaurant just off Gloucester Road: still here.

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    I thought Jo Jo moved to a new location? I think I saw the sign on top of Mes Amis or in that vicinity.

    Khublais closed recently.

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    Jo Jo's of Wanchai re-opened above the Typhhon bar which for the the last few years was the Groovy Mule on the corner of Lockhart Road and Fenwick Street.

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    Smile jap food?

    I dont eat chinese food much so i dunno abt that. but i just went to a japananese restaurant yesterday called nagoyaka tei. they have it in mongkok, tst, causeway bay. the sushi is pretty fresh n yummy and the price is very reasonable. good deal i think. itamae in TST is very good too. have special sushi like horse lol kikuzen in pacific place is good too. nice teppanyaki but more expensive. iccho in causeway bay is very nice too. sorry i love japanese food, so i can only provide these info. i think the excelsior hotel in causeway bay is good to stay. last time i went there i had a nice sea view

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    I can highly recommend Sunday brunch buffet at The Verandah at the Repulse Bay. Great food, champagne and service, not to mention fabulous views. Also the lunch buffet at Harbourside restaurant, Intercontinental in TST, is good.

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    I would recommend the Champagne brunch on Sunday at the Excelsior hotel........... of course, after a while I cannot remember too much about it.............