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Coffee - Just say NO

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    Quote Originally Posted by justjoe86
    Tigersun... I have found that the best way to get off oxygen is to quit for about ten minutes. Most oxygenics who do this never revert to their addiction.
    I'm trying it as we speak - I really appreciate the wonderful advice and as a 'thank you' I'd like to give you some gold bars worth about $1,000,000.
    You can pick them up at my pla.. ... ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by hullexile
    I really can not work out if you are joking or being serious.
    I happen to see the opening post's picture as a cause disguising as a joke so that the info can be better digested by the addicts.

    In the food industry, often times textbooks are written for the sole purpose of promoting certain foods as having 'health benefits', deemphasizing all the side effects of it. Ever seen 'new studies' of foods where the info practically swept the whole nation? The food industry is marketing through a mean that is accepted by science related professionals.

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    My name is Nassaugirl and I am a coffee addict....

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    Just read a study the other day that women who drink coffee are only half as prone to severe depression ad those who don't. And once you're over 50 drinking coffee every day can dramatically reduce the risk of cancer. So there

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    My grandma keeps a little sachet of coffee in her handbag for emergency usage. She says it is more important to her than her valium for bed time. Perks of old age.

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