Maxim's Auntie?

This is a YouTube video story with a twist. On April 18, a Hong Kong woman and her boyfriend went to order take-out food at the Maxim BBQ meat restaurant. She ordered a rice box with roast pork and octopus, but was told that octupus only comes with the "Six Treasure" special (along with soy sauce chicken, salted egg, etc). She immediately threw a fit. Then she asked for the roast pork to be put on the side. Unfortunately, the chef forgot about the request to separate the roast pork. So the woman cursed him out. The chef then made an obscene retort.

So the woman got incensed and took out her camera to film her response. The YouTube video runs just over 1:38 minutes. So far it has accumulated 300,000 viewings (and there is even one version with English sub-titles). The video clip begins with a woman yelling at the chef: "What are you saying? What are you saying?" The chef made a rebuttal and another Maxim employee tried to intercede and apologizing to the woman repeatedly. But the woman kept yelling: "He said that was fucking going to beat me to death! You tell me to come out here and fucking beating me to death!" Then she said: "You can go to YouTube tonight and see yourself and Maxim."

As mentioned before, this story had a twist. The woman posted the video in order to embarrass Maxim and the chef. Instead, the netizens reacted strongly against the aggressive behavior of his "Kong girl." They did not hear what the chef said to her in the first place, but they can hear what she said in the video. Instead of a consumer boycott campaign against Maxim, there was a concerted effort to dig out the background of the woman. The woman has removed the video.
In addition, there were rumors that the woman eventually called the police and the chef was fired by Maxim as a result. So there is a threatened consumer boycott campaign against Maxim unless they keep the chef on the job. Maxim has responded that the chef is still employed but is now working in a different restaurant.

from EastSouthWestNorth Blog