Official Olympic Songs, what is your favourite ?

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    Non/Official Olympic Songs, what is your favourite ?

    I had a bit of a think about this while I was on the Tuan Mun - Tung Chung Ferry yesterday, as First Ferry played Hong Kongs: "We are ready" song/clip on their 42 inch wide screens.

    I'd have to say in my opinion, Barcelona's 1992 Olympic song of friendship: " Amigos Para Siempre " has to be one of the best ever, a song that was mostly in English lyrically, but its chorus in Spanish, was a huge global world wide hit, for the very tidy Sarah Brightman and Jose Carreras.

    I have nominated my own surrogate song, one I can identify with, the official one is just hmmm, nothing to write home about lol...

    Katie Melua's almost Maria Muldaur like vocal delivery of her " 9 Million bicycles in Beijing " song, just really works for me..

    Whats your's ?

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    [ame=]YouTube - Sydney 2000 OC - Tina Arena and "The Flame"[/ame]

    Easy - The Flame by Tina Arena from the Sydney Opening Ceremony.

    A perfect anthem.

    Also 'Light The Fire Within' by LeAnn Rimes at the 2002 SLC Games. Cheesy but good.

    [ame=]YouTube - LeAnn Rimes - 2002 Winter Olympic Games[/ame]