Best F & B locations you have ever eaten.

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    These are areas, not restaurants.....forgot to say that!!

    Also, do NOT eat in Portofino - it is a tourist trap & a rip off though worth visiting, just don't eat there!

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    Thank you very much for your advice Cara thats fantastic.

    I am not really sure where exactly we will end up in Switzerland, our French Aunty will be acting as tour guide, she will be my GPS ha ha ha. You are right though Switzerland is one of those post card perfect places, same with France and Italy. Europe just prides itself on how its pressented, naturally, and architectually. I get a real kick out of seeing 400 plus year old houses, that have been lovingly preserved also.

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    There is a huge Lindt factory (chocolatiers) in N.Italy - considering its actually Swiss, you may find another one there, maybe the kids would like it?? Am sure they will have organised trips round..