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    Normally I go off on a rant if people stereotype, but found this one funny and clever. Its from a book called Bangkok Tattoo by John Burdett (sp?). Apologies to the author, writing from memory.

    A Thai wg has three suitors and is having trouble choosing between them. She is beautiful but has a small scar on her face.

    Her line: "How can you love me when I am so disfigured?"

    Englishman: "My darling, it just makes me love you even more" (can hear myself coming out with that one)
    American: "I'll pay for someone back home to fix it"
    Chinese man: "I want a 10% discount"

    She marries the Chinese man as he will make his fortune quicker and they live happily after in Shanghai.

    Waiting for the red dots.....

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    ha ha ha.....

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    Why red dots? It's nothing offensive. Just another cliché though.

    Anyway, here comes another stereotype -

    There's a Jewish man and a Chinese man both sitting in a restaurant. Out of nowhere, the Jewish man knocks the Chinese man off his seat. The Chinese man shouts, "What that for?" The Jewish man replies, "Pearl Habor." The Chinese man looks confused and says, "I'm Chinese NOT Japanese!" The Jewish man replies, "Chinese japanese all the same to me." About an hour passes when the Chinese man leaves his seat and knocks the Jewish man off his chair. The Jewish man asks, "Was that for hitting you?" "No," he says, "It's for the Titanic disaster." The Jewish man says "Titanic??" The Chinese man replies, "Iceberg, Goldberg, all the same to me!!"

    Oh BTW, in Chinese language we didn't have the word for "humour" (or humor if you insist). We do have other words with similiar meaning. "You mo" in mandarin or "yeo meg" (幽默) in Cantonese was a literal translation from humour. And this word didn't even exist until a few decades ago. (Translated by Lin Yu Tang 1895-1976, MBA in Comparative Literary Studies, Harvard University, USA. Phd in Linguistics, Universität Leipzig, Germany. He was a famous Chinese writer, translator and inventor. He invented Chinese typewriter.)

    So if anyone stereotypes and says Chinese are generally lacking sense of humour, that's not entirely wrong...hahahaha

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    Those two jokes above were golden. I have to remember 'em!