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Metallic balloons don't get equal rights

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    Metallic balloons don't get equal rights

    Why the hate on metallic balloons?? Balloons are meant to make people happy, and spread joy on the face of humans, and yet these poor metallic balloons get singled out and banned from entering the MTRs. Such discrimination for these colorful wondrous balloons.

    Everyday I travel through the MTR, and listen to these discriminatory announcements about metallic balloons, and decided I need to get to the bottom of this practice that seemed so cruel and unjust.

    What have these smile producing balloons ever done to you MTR!!?

    And then I discovered that fateful day in 1996 when a seemingly innocent Minnie Mouse metallic balloon was accidentally let go in the MTR and traveled onward and upward into the nether regions of the MTR and caused a short circuit during rush hour. What a painful experience for 100,000 commuters dealing with the 1.5hr delay.

    It was a sad day that sealed the fate of those beautiful helium filled creations.

    Sorry Metallic balloons, but hope you continue to spread joy and smiles in many birthday parties and other celebrations across the land, just not in the MTR.

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    outside Disneyland mtr station, the MTR staff gives out large plastic bags to cover up the metallic balloons so you can go and take the train, its not all that bad for the poor Metallic balloons.

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    This is typical of Hong Kong.

    Few metallic balloons cause MTR problems and they're banned.

    Few bus accidents and several committees are formed to study the impact on society.

    If we had a metal balloon constituency, things might be different.

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