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Why China is obsessed with numbers

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    Why China is obsessed with numbers

    More interesting than I thought:

    BBC - Travel - Why China is obsessed with numbers

    “Not everyone in China has perfect grasp of pinyin. If websites have pinyin names, it might actually be difficult for some people to figure out which letters to write,”
    For instance, is the website address of Chinese internet company NetEase. It’s a throwback to the days of dial-up, when customers had to enter 163 to go online. “The phone companies China Telecom and China Unicom simply re-appropriated their well-known customer service numbers as domain names, and, respectively.”
    Among e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba’s various platforms is, with the numbers pronounced ‘ee-lio-ba-ba’ in Mandarin.
    You can order your McMuffin online by typing because ‘517’ in Mandarin is ‘wu yi qi’. Almost like ‘wo yao chuh’ or ‘I want to eat’ (‘chuh’ is the closest phonetic spelling for ‘chi’, the actual word for ‘eat’).
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    it's obvious that significant number of the billion mainland people are not familar with using english characters thus, numbers are used on internet weblinks as alternative, in fact, very few HK websites use this format, but a large percentage of mainland websites uses numbers within internet web addresses and emails