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Hollywood actors, CEOs charged in US college admissions scandal

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    Quote Originally Posted by shri:
    Yes, Sackler. Purdue are the chicken family, right?
    Sackler family who own Purdue Pharma. They deserve to shot up with their own drugs and left to fend for themselves without their fortune.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgoodkat:
    $15k is nothing, that's average Joe kind of bribe money. I would pay $15k to have my kid admitted to a top university. That's less than $4k a year for a 4 year bachelor degree, compared with the tuition its peanuts.
    I think many people could and would do this - if they saw the opportunity.
    Embarrassing to be found out - and sent to jail. Kids ridiculed for being too dumb to make it on their own.

    Not sure what this couple is worth - but are probably not anywhere near Brad Pitt. Many celebrities are not super rich.

    I remember hearing what a professional athlete I admired got paid - he was in Tour De France and had the yellow jersey for a couple of days at one point. His 'take home' pay was less than a new graduate. Lived a spartan life in cheap hotel rooms, training and racing all the time.

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