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    Every single FT reporter on my twitter feed has been tweeting "freedom!", Mel Gibson style... or may be neighbourhood cocaine dealer style.

    I do hope they can find a happy medium between free and completely paywalled and tiered access. I have basic access through a bulk subscription and find their pricing just a little bit unjustifiable - not complaining, but they'd get more money from me if they just lowered their pricing a little bit - down to NYT digital rates would be perfect.

    Anyways... they should know a little bit more about pricing elasticity than me.

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    Hmm, that's a good idea actually. Based on # of articles you read...but I suppose that works if you use twitter/nuzzel/pocket etc. to aggregate and read only what you want vs. subscribing because you want all access.

    I would love to have a consolidated subscription for NYT/WSJ/WP/FT etc.

    Hate the fact that I depend so much on US media sources, though...