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Must Watch Movie Sequels and Remakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by ByeByeEngland:
    Thanks Shri. I’m a big fan of some of the Terminator sequels and Arnie. If you can get over your love of Arnie the Totall Recall remake was watchable
    No problems. This is a far more interesting thread than the other one..

    I think Top Gun is on the cards for this weekend. We've been planning to go to the movies sooner or later.. might as well go for this one. The kid recommends everywhere everything all at once, but top gun seems to be a better draw for the first movie in well over 2 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HSY:
    Dammit, everyone seems to love the new Top Gun. I like the 1st one but not super duper raging like so was gonna pass but now I have to go watch it.
    You won’t regret it!
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    Tsuen Wan

    If anyone is into animation (anime) try getting the whole set of Studio Ghibli which I did in Blu-ray, lot's of feel good series

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    Quote Originally Posted by NTCP88:
    Talk to me Goose...

    Loved Top Gun Maverick. Watched it last Sunday... Going to watch it again next week during lunch break. Was it better than the original, hmm maybe. Was happy that the iconic F14 Tomcat had role in it...
    My wife reserved tickets (2 weeks ago) to watch it tomorrow night, so we're all off to our local V-Max cinema for a meal and a movie at the mall lol Considering how long we've been waiting for Maverick's cinematic release, we're all G'd up in anticipation, it's going to be worth the wait:-).
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    I think you will like it, especially the opening scene...

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    I think there are alot of private bookings who have booked out the posh cinema at PP in the evenings!

    HK IS BACK!! (for now)

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