1 July Protests

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    1 July Protests

    hey gang,

    was wondering if anyone knew the details of the july 1st protest. will it be happening this year? where, what time, etc? also, is it usually violent? will i get in trouble with the law, being foreign and all, if i am found within the immediate vicinity? i just think it'll be any interesting experience.

    thanks a bunch!


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    It is never violent. The only violent demonstration in Hong Kong in the seven years that I have been here was by a bunch of Koreans visiting the WTO meeting a few months ago.

    But since the march is primarily about direct elections for the Chief Executive, and since you are obviously a newbie who wouldn't have a vote for 6-7 years your presence might be seen as a little insincere.

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    Not at all, HK civil rights supporters are always glad to have moral support from a wide range of people. Definitely worth going to see another side of HK society, beyond the usual cliches of how this place works (just cares about money, materialistic etc etc).

    These marches are always very friendly, orderly and peaceful. Demonstrators go to some lengths to make sure everything is completely clean and well run, so as to avoid any criticisms that they are thugs, troublemakers or rabble. But it will be hot and crowded!