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FIFA in safe hands

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    FIFA in safe hands

    Just seen this
    "Fifa president Sepp Blatter has confirmed Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo will advise football's world governing body on its problems."

    So that's OK then.
    Maybe his remit will be to integrate the vuvuzela into the FIFA approved musical choices catalogue or will he be a roaming critic of international stadium chants. Maybe referees will be more Wagnerian?

    Really? If it wasn't seen on a top news site I would have thought it was from The Onion. The Spanish Onion of course.

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    If FIFA were a country NATO and other nations would be decrying the despotic leadership and screaming for regime change.

    How convenient that just before the election the only candidate opposing Sepp Blatter is suspended from all football. He can't legally be water boy for a kid's team if it is affiliated with any official soccer leagues.

    I'd be more impressed if they were asking Platini or Beckenbauer or even a Brit to sit on such a body.

    Kissinger while a soccer fan is a joke here. Cruyff is an unknown for me here.

    I had to google this to be sure you weren't putting us on.

    Opera star Placido Domingo will wait to decide if he takes new FIFA committee role -

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    There is enough said by this image. If you don't know what to do with the ball then you shouldn't be running the game!