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"Chinese society has no moral compass"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReverendJay:
    An interesting BBC article on population control that references China's one child policy and some of the more draconian measures undertaken by the overly zealous local officials:

    BBC News - Population control: the rich controlling the poor?

    Add this to the recent death of that little girl, parents aborting female fetuses because of the Chinese insane obsession with boys to the point now gangs steal baby boys for rich couples and fertile women are kidnapped and sent to rural areas because there are no women, the pictures we have seen of cats and dogs crammed into cages only to be skinned alive, bear bile farms, etc etc etc, on and on ad nauseam of some pretty major disconnects in Chinese society. Yes I think we can rightly criticize China for her short-comings and not come across as hypocritical Westerners. While every country/culture has its bad habits, do any others seriously come anywhere close to China's legions of abuses?
    You need to travel and read a bit if you think China's the worst... How about bride burning and children maiming in India? The obsession with boys is also just as great there. The excesses of fundamentalists in the Middle East? Shall we talk about Africa a little bit? Perhaps a little genital mutilation? How about a little trip to Somalia or Sudan?

    There's no doubt that there are outrageous things going on in China, corruption is rampant and some practices are certainly questionable though frankly I don't see the treatment as cats and dogs to be any different that what western countries do to other animals. You might have more sensibilities on how a dog is treated but ultimately the same thing that is often done to pigs or chicken in the West and to claim one is more wrong than the other is ridiculous.

    I do think that China is trying to find itself and the transition from a communist dictatorship to whatever it's trying to become is far from obvious and no one really know how they will end up. However, I think that there on a far better path than they were a couple of decades ago...

    Many of the things described are also done by criminal elements and taking advantage of a more corrupt environment. The US seem to have far more shooting incidents than most other countries, particularly school shootings and crazies. Does it mean that the US has no moral compass? To me, it means there's a gun violence problem, and there might some desensitization to violence but that can also be said in many countries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReverendJay:
    Oh wait, I forgot a few:

    Milk & pet food - add melamine
    Toothpaste - add antifreeze
    Toys - add lead paint
    Stuffed toys - add used medical bandages
    Prescription drugs - add anything but the active ingredient

    And on and on and on and...

    I kind of agree with creative's point. when it happens in china or by chinese people the news story and general reaction tends to have a racist undertones. But when similar crap (knowing somethings is bad and will kill/harm thousands of people) happens in the US (and other English speaking countries) then its reported as a evil of one company/industry or lack of proper regulation, etc.

    for example:

    -cigarettes -
    -genetically modified veggies and other food products
    -hormone injected animals/meats
    -on and on....

    in fact these probably have done more harm to more people than the examples you gave.

    profits before people.
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