Prodigy sues police chief for prejudice

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    Prodigy sues police chief for prejudice

    If its true, quite a bit of a fcuked up story:

    Hong Kong News Headlines | Hong Kong's premier newspaper online |

    "A 12-year-old prodigy is suing the police for discriminating against his Indian race after he was arrested for assaulting a woman when, according to him, he was the one being beaten."

    "Vidler said the boy and Chan Yuet-lai had an argument after he accidentally brushed the woman's hand when walking up an escalator at Wan Chai MTR station.

    The boy said sorry, but the woman shouted at him, grabbed his arm, bruising him, and tore his jumper, Vidler said. She held the boy for more than five minutes during which he tried to struggle free, but failed.

    The boy and Chan made separate calls to the police. But when Hung and his partner arrived they talked only to Chan. Without further investigation or taking witness statements, Hung arrested the boy, Vidler said."

    "The charges against him were not dropped until three months later when Vidler wrote to then Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Kevin Zervos, to ask for an explanation.

    Zervos dropped the charge on April 13 last year and expressly commented in a letter that Chan had behaved inappropriately, the lawyer said."

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    This is SO NOT what I was expecting.



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    It happened in the Vancouver hockey riots. First guy arrested for a knife incident was an innocent citizen who just last month beat the charges. Shocking any where.

    This is just shoddy work on the part of the police and the prosecutors. Secondly there must be some alternatives to charges - an alternate, restorative justice option as it does no good to get these cases into busy courts where there aren't mechanisms to solve these things fairly.

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    but the real mystery is who is Hung?

    hey pin, is work slow today? are you going to post up every SCMP article on geo?