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Putin's article in the New York Times

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    Putin's article in the New York Times

    Here it is:

    No discussion here as yet.

    Apparently it is provoking quite a stir in the US. Putin basically says that the US is not an exceptional country and should follow international law, like everybody else. This hasn't gone down very well with most Americans. Maybe they should call some British politicians to tell them they are the best in the world.

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    I guess they don't accept that it's actually a "Russian" stating what the other 193 countries in the world actually think.

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    This has been discussed on here - in the other thread about Syria. I put my views there.

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    Putin's article was not meant to tell US President what to do nor its citizens on how to react to the attacks on innocent civilians. It was simply meant to dial down the temperature and reason with them to think with their head with reasonable thought and facts. The only two facts from this attack is that it took place and the number of dead. It is unknown who did it, why they did it and their motive.
    The UN has to do its job. What comes of it must be dealt with at that time.

    Not doing anything will strengthen Assad's grip on power.
    Doing something unilaterally will only cause divisions in the UN as the latter has to then get their inspectors out without having completed their jobs.

    Cool down CC and don't think that Putin is calling you guys out. He is simply cooling you guys down to think with your head. You are so pumped up thinking wtf is a Russian ex KGB officer telling us what to do. He is the last person to be lecturing anybody but he is the only person that can stand toe to toe with the Americans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MovingIn07:
    This has been discussed on here - in the other thread about Syria. I put my views there.

    Thanks for pointing that out. What you say happens frequently and is very obvious in our debates and in our media, yet I never noticed it, or I just accepted it as normal. Part of the mental disability inherited from an American public education.

    I have always found debate, (or even simple conversation) with foreign people to be the best cure for my deficient education.
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