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Today is the 3rd Anniversary of the Disaster

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    Today is the 3rd Anniversary of the Disaster

    To-hoku earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011.
    It is the largest nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. Three year ago on this day, an Earthquake and Tsunami struck Fukushima. Today, sit down in silence for some time in the memory of those 21000 odd who died , many thousands who were injured & thousands who have become homeless.
    Those of you who believe in a Loving, fatherly Creator, would advise to pray for the souls of the dead.
    But how can you pray to the Capricious and Vindictive Creator who destroyed Fukushima and left a trail of destruction?

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    Is this "bigotry-on-geoexpat" week or something? The time of the year when scums use a horrible event in a tasteless fashion to push their agenda? Clearly, the OP is not interested in the disaster so much as to use it to attack others with religious beliefs.

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    Sarcasm - because beating the crap out of people is illegal

    Images of that day are still quite vivid...

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    i'll jus be grateful to b e here - an try an be nice to the livin