3 Terror Attacks in the US, 2 Cop Shootings Today

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    3 Terror Attacks in the US, 2 Cop Shootings Today


    New York explosion: 29 injured in 'intentional bomb blast', with second device found in Manhattan

    Pipe bomb explodes at Marines charity race on N.J. boardwalk - NY Daily News

    2 cops shot, suspect and bystander killed in West Philly rampage

    Two Fort Worth Officers Shot, Suspect Killed | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

    In case the articles don't show up:

    - Man stabs 8 people in St. Cloud, Minnesota Mall while allegedly yelling "Allah" during the attack

    - Explosion in Chelsea, NYC injures 29 - no evidence that is was a terror attack but was a "intentional act"

    - A Pipe Bomb explodes during a 5K Charity race for US Marines, no injuries

    - Man shoots 2 officers, killing one woman and injuring 2 others in West Philly, leaving behind an anti-cop note

    - Man shoots 2 officers, but no serious casualties in Ft. Worth, Texas.

    Also, there should be an "and" in the title, no idea why I used a comma.
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    CNN 'journalist' Joshua Chavers‏:

    "Then Trump announced to a crowd in Colorado that "a bomb went off in New York"

    Wildly wreckless and irresponsible."

    Of course, a bomb had actually gone off in New York... One hopes Chavers thought that the bomber was 'wildly wreckless and irresponsible'!

    Jesus wept...

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    Hillary berates Trump for calling it 'a bomb' while at the same time calling the incident a 'bombing'


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    Is that number of incidents unusual for the USA? No toddler killing on the same day or are those not worth reporting?