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Courtesy campaign by Taxi Industry

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    Courtesy campaign by Taxi Industry

    ....The five top performers will be given prizes every three months while those with low ratings will be referred to a subsidised training course to learn good manners
    that will be busy course

    Hong Kong taxi drivers to launch courtesy campaign to get customers on board troubled sector | South China Morning Post

    added harry's view:

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    Recently I had a strange taxi driver on my way to the airport...

    Taxi was non-smoking
    Spoke quite good English
    Had only one phone
    The whole 45 Minute journey - didn't use the phone!
    Drove smooth
    Did not change lanes every 15 Seconds

    So there is one good driver out there.

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    The device will be installed in taxi's? But each taxi has multiple drivers, of course. These guys are really dropping the ball in their match against Uber. The only way the red taxi industry will survive is by leveraging the political influence they have in Legco and throwing up regulatory roadblocks against Uber, IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBrit:
    The device will be installed in taxi's?
    I think this is "proposed".

    From the article - guess what happens when owners are involved.

    Also, would be easy to enter in a driver code - like a retail POS, the driver enters his code when he checks into the taxi and reenters it at the end of the shift?

    The spokesman hoped the owners of the city’s 18,163 cabs would be willing to pay for the installation of the rating gadget in their taxis.

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    If the drivers care they can just press the buttons themselves. They won't even care I suspect.

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    Manners? Aren't people meant to learn those growing up.

    Silly Hong Kong. World Class.

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    I wonder how big of a part Uber had in forcing the industry to improve?

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    So will we be able to lean in the window and rate the drivers that refuse to take you as they're waiting for more profitable rides.

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