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BBC: Chinese Surveillance Network

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    Quote Originally Posted by UK/HKboy
    If anyone deserves this, it is those people who use too much toilet paper and ruin it for the rest of us!
    Have some pity for those of us with irritable bowels! My pet hate are the bastard's who waste toilet paper drying their hands on it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK_Katherine
    Have some pity for those of us with irritable bowels! My pet hate are the bastard's who waste toilet paper drying their hands on it!
    I wonder if you get a diagnosis from the doctor and put it on record whether they can then issue a 120cm strip upon recognition.
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    At recent checks at Beijing bus and train stations, and the heavily guarded Tiananmen square area, there were no signs of the devices. But a police officer at Beijing Railway Station confirmed they have access when needed to smartphone forensic technology.
    Chinese scanner makers often tout the ability to crack smart phone security systems, including Apples iPhone, but industry insiders admit this usually doesnt mean the latest models.
    According to one of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officials, such security precautions may not matter. Most people in China would comply with police requests to unlock their devices, he said.

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    NB: The thread about Uighurs under CCP rule ("Xinjiang ethnic minorities transformation through education) appears to have been locked for some reason.

    Wired: Leak Exposes Details of Chinas Muslim-Tracking Surveillance

    The Uyghur Muslim population in Chinas Xinjiang providence is under constant surveillance from the Chinese government. Uyghurs are forced to install spyware on their mobile devices, and accept Chinese officials invading their homes to live and observe their families. Hundreds of thousands have reportedly been sent to re-education camps. And those who are not interned are being tracked via facial recognition technology by cameras and GPS all over Xinjiang.

    This week, a security researcher found that Chinese company SenseNets, which allegedly facilitates that facial recognition tracking, had left a database containing the associated data completely exposed online. The researcher was able to watch as 6.7 million GPS coordinates were recorded, according to ZDNet, which broke the news. The database revealed how the government tracks Uyghurs throughout their day, noting the names of locations they frequent, as well as GPS coordinates, all matched to highly personal information like name, date of birth, sex, home address, official identification card number, and more.

    Before realizing what he had stumbled across, the researcher alerted SenseNets that its server was exposed. The company then locked it down. He now regrets helping the company secure its oppression tool, ZDNet reports.

    This is obviously all kosher in the PRC because CCP and rule-by-law. People are a potential threat to the Party's dictatorship so they must be dealt with.
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