So senior Labour party officials are now calling for an unequivocal policy of Referendum 2.0, in light of arses being served on plates at the EU election.

Meanwhile Corbyn is continuing to look at the menu featuring a special of extra arse on plate and debating the merits of another serving but still not committing to another referendum and continuing, in the face of crumbling voter support, to think a general election is the way to go.

Peterborough By Election (thanks Fiona!) is Thursday June 6th. 9 days for Corbyn to commit to an actual policy on Brexit and allow all those Labour defectors to return to the fold. All except Alastair Campbell, who he expelled today for doing what 37% of previous Labour voters did in the EU elections - voted Lib Dem.

Campbell should have made an anti-semitic remark, because then he would have been guaranteed to have been able to stay as a Labour member regardless. In a further spanner in Corbyn's socialist factory works, the Equalities & Human Rights Commission have announced an official investigation into Labour's anti-semitism. Ooops.

So will Labour finally force Corbyn's hand and get him to wander off to the allotment for good? If they do, referendum 2.0 might be odds on.