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The Death of the Chinese Takeaway

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    Quote Originally Posted by imparanoic
    "Aluminum foil is 88 percent reflective and is widely used for thermal insulation"
    That's for sunlight, not heat.. laughing out loud.

    UCSB Science Line

    metals like aluminum are very good conductors of heat,
    excellent thermal conductor
    heat travels within aluminum very well

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirNotAppearing
    Oh how I miss American Chinese food. Not the awful chains or buffets, but the mom & pop shops. Near my office there were a few Cuban Chinese restaurants that I especially miss.
    Flushing, baby! Some good eating there. Both American Chinese and old school traditional. Chinese.


    Cuban Sandwiches on 9th Avenue close to Central Park.

    Mexican food like El Centro in Hell's Kitchen.

    NYC food is amazing.
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