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January 2022: Global Covid News

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    Quote Originally Posted by vmlinuz:
    Heard he has been phoning round donors looking money to buy a bigger fridge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hullexile:
    There will be pressure on Carrie to do the same if it takes off in Hong Kong.
    I'm sure our new PLA boss here will be up to the task

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    Quote Originally Posted by emx:
    It's a tax to make up for the higher healthcare cost of the unvaccinated, right? And not just so the vaccinated can feel smug on social media? So after paying the tax, the unvaccinated will be allowed to live everyday lives again, no more masks, no travel restrictions, no PCR tests etc. Right?
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    “We had assigned a small probability to Beijing exiting ZCS at end-March after the Winter Olympics and its National People Congress (NPC) conference – now, we think the likelihood is almost nil.

    “Instead, we see a rising probability of Beijing sticking to its ZCS until March 2023, after the upcoming leadership changes are fully completed.”

    ZCS = Zero Covid Strategy
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    Condom sales down 40 percent during the pandemic...

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    Apparently covid gives the guys ED so no surprise they couldn't get it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by hullexile:
    Worse this morning but stabilized this afternoon. Hoping this is the worst of it. Drinking plenty of water but that makes the abdominal edema worse. Luckily I have my own ensuite.
    Take care man. Hope you feel better soon
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    With the Northern Territory moving from high to extreme risk (>500 cases per day over last 7 day average), Australia is now a much simpler picture. Either you are COVID free in the West, or you are fucked everywhere else.

    By the way, the west is now like Hong Kong (closed borders). But is still scheduled to open up to the world on Feb 5th (with probably 50/50 opinion split on whether we should open up or not).

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    Reporting in. Through that virus which I am assuming was covid, omicron variant. I will classify it as highly uncomfortable.

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