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Russia / Ukraine - "Military Operation"

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    I think Ukrainians should organize something like "Mossad" to find those monsters even after the war and make revenge.

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    Andrey Piontkovsky, exiled Russian politician and author, adduces Igor Girkin's (far-right Russian nationalist, terrorist) name among those of like-minded persons and says, "The authentic high-principled Hitlerites, true Aryans Dugin, Prokhanov, Prosvirnin, Kholmogorov, Girkin, Prilepin are a marginalized minority in Russia." Piontkovsky adds, "Putin has stolen the ideology of the Russian Reich from the domestic Hitlerites, he has preventively burned down their most active supporters in the furnace of the Ukrainian Vendée. In his interview with Radio Liberty, Piontkovsky says, maybe the meaning of the operation conducted by Putin is to reveal all these potential passionate leaders of social revolt, send them to Ukraine and burn them in the furnace of the Ukrainian Vendée. In the interviews Andrey also argues that the ideology of Rashism is in many ways similar to German fascism (Nazism), while in speeches and policies of the President Putin it's similar to the ideas of Hitler.
    Interesting idea. In fact far-right pro-ruzzia are the least happy with the outcomes of "special military operation" since they lost their most active formations in the first place; in fact, they were used as stupidly as possible - like smashed against the Ukrainian wall. Girkin accuses Putin in destroying far-right ruzzia movement per se, while pretending that he acts in the interests of far-right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grinnie Jax:
    Lots of torture videos leaked recently. I won't post them here, but these crimes are mind blowing... For example, in one of the videos, a confirmed ruZZian soldier cuts off the balls (!!) of a Ukrainian war prisoner with a clerical knife. Ukrainians have already identified the identity of this ruZZian sick animal and realized that he (it?) has been doing this since 2014. Actually, he (it?) made "Z" tattoo which helped to find him (it?).
    Much as I sympathise with your plight there are always war crimes on both sides of a conflict. The West is nowhere near squeaky clean on this.
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    About the situation on the front from the person who is directly there:

    Russians still have huge advantage in artillery. In order to have an advantage in offensive artillery, we need more guns than ALL European NATO member countries have united. At our front, the 777 gun is a priority target (!) for the enemy. They are being hunted. If after locating 777 with a drone - then in 2 minutes a cluster package bombs from "Hurricanes" immediately fly there. Whole divisions of "Hurricanes" are hunting after our artillery. We have had success in some areas, but it is all very unstable. Because this is due to the fact that the enemy transfers forces to other locations. Please, understand that, all of you. We hit warehouses, not because we are such humanists. We hit warehouses because it is the only way to reduce the pressure on the front line. Every day we make superhuman efforts and take huge losses at the front. What is wrong with you that you don't want to understand the obvious? Our contact lists are like grave obituary. Half of the contacts in the phone will never answer again. Did you just wake up because of a post on FB? Yes, there is (very) cautious optimism that we have stopped the rapid advance, but we have to prepare day and night. Nothing has been finished yet. The existence of Ukraine is still under constant threat. And if someone thinks that this applies only to Donetsk, Luhansk, and possibly partly Kharkiv and Mykolaiv regions - I have bad news - they will not stop there. If we don't stop them. They still have resources. And there are enough concentration camps for all of you in Siberia
    Roman Donik (sorry for wear translation quality from Ukrainian).

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    With the last expansion Eastwards of NATO as recent as 2004

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    What particular expansion did he mean? Baltic countries - it was 2004, Putin just finished his first "term". Talks about Georgia? Talks about Ukraine?