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Flight Scare

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    Planes not been used and are now. Pilots not been flying and are now. Not unexpected. Kinda worrying though (given how many flights I have booked in the next few weeks!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by shri:
    I think you are more likely to be killed by the taxi from your airport to the hotel and not an airline. Unless someone can show that taxi vs Air fatalities per 100K/pax is lower.
    No question. But if you had the option, I'd highly recommend picking other airlines.

    My opinion is based on analysis over 6 years ago. So I cannot comment on their current risk rating. But I can't imagine them improving significantly since then.

    AirAsia used to be one of our partners. They had poor ratings as well. Around the same time I was working with them they just had a plane go down.
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    I’m ready this whole on my way to the airport Thanks

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    Stay Away from this thread if you going on a flight this coming days

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    Not so my experience with Cathay over the years. Scheduled planes reliably appeared.

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    Reminds me of a story a B747 freighter pilot once told me.
    The scary thing isn’t waking up and realising you were asleep.
    What’s scary is waking up, looking around the flight deck, and realising everyone else is asleep.

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